What is the Value of Values?

value of values 300x199 What is the Value of Values?Values differ from one person to another, vary from culture to culture and are appreciated on different levels depending on the walks of life. For the most part, the values held by nomadic African tribes are not the same as an average American family. Those predominantly Christian countries hold some values very dear which other cultures relegate to lesser importance.
Sometimes our own beliefs held from childhood  are overridden by new set of learned or acquired morals or lifestyles. Thus, the values taught by parents and elders, or strictly adhered to by members of a community or group, are replaced. Here is a Sample Values List.
These new values, however, cannot be qualified as wrong even if they vary from the previously endeared standards. They still serve as ideals that measure the achievement of our purpose. It’s these values that become our driving force at living, and the constant reminders as to why we have pursuits.
So what, in your opinion, is Value of all Values? And why do you hold this particular value so dear?
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